Why Green?

Green Carpet Cleaning

At Eco Clean, we believe that carpet cleaning solutions aren’t “One Size Fits All”. Our Carpet Cleaning solution will be customized for your particular home. We consider the age of your carpet, the level of saturation, the presence of stains, the types of stains, possible animal odors, etc. Then, we create a cleaning solution that is right for you. We mix the right type of chemicals with the right type of machine and our results are fantastic.

While some companies stick with one method of cleaning, we offer:

  • Standard or Low Moisture Cleaning: Our solution encapsulates the dirt particles in your carpet and leaves your carpets dry and clean in approximately 30 minutes. OR
  • Hot Water Extraction: With a traditional carpet cleaning wand we clean your carpets with Eco Friendly chemicals, 212 Degree Water 20-3000 PSI Water jets. OR

  • Hot Water Extraction with RX-20: For the most saturated carpets we use a RX-20 Wand for carpet Restoration. This process uses a motorized rotary machine that includes 6 500 PSI Spray Jets, 212 Degree Water and 6 Suction points… while the two rotary heads are spinning scrubbing and agitating your carpets back to life.

Family and Pet Friendly…
Easy on the Environment!

At Eco Clean, we believe having the ideal cleaning process for YOUR residence is the most effective means to ensure your carpets are scrubbing and taken care of.