Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

Superior Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning in North County San Diego




Environmentally Conscious Carpet Care

We are a premium eco-friendly floor cleaning company. We offer solutions that are tough on dirt and grease, but easy on your household and the environment alike. Though eco friendly and completely biodegradable cleaning solutions you’ll find that our cleaning products don’t make compromises on efficacy – allowing us to tackle all types of carpets and hard textured floors with confidence. With us, you can achieve the deepest clean, with absolutely zero residue left behind.

Every carpet cleaning includes 9 steps:

  • Pre-inspection

  • Consultation and price quote

  • Thorough vacuuming with a high power commercial vacuum

  • Pre-treat spots

  • Pre-treat traffic lanes

  • High power truck mounted hot water extraction

  • Post-inspections

  • Groom carpet pile to insure fast dry time

  • Final inspection walk-through with customer

Proven Reduction Of Allergens

For allergy sufferers, our service is a must! Peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that a single cleaning from this cleaning process can create a dramatic reduction in the prevalence of:

  • Reduction in Mold spores by up to 97%
  • Reduction in dust mite allergens by up to 92%
  • Reduction in Cat allergens by at least 96%
  • Reduction in dust mites by at least 86%

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

To be cleaned and protected 1 time per year to extend its life and protect your investment.

Professional Stain Removal

Your best chance for removing a pesky stain is to get to it as quickly as possible after the spot is made. The longer a spot sits on your carpet or upholstery, the harder it becomes to remove. While stains can be removed, some require advanced technical skill and expert cleaning solutions. Eco Clean leads the carpet cleaning industry in products and solutions that help you win the battle against tough stains.

We use the Rx20 which uses 650 cleaning passes per minute!