Jason S.

I’ve had several different cleaning teams come to my family’s condo and was absolutely thrilled with Eco Clean–Especially with the deep cleaning done recently by Scott! He was friendly, focused, and made everything sparkle. Plus our home didn’t smell like bleach and ammonia when he was done, which made for happy noses and left us feeling good about our little one.

Noel S.

I’ve used a couple other cleaning services and was left dissatisfied so I was hesitant about booking Eco Clean, but went ahead bc of the good reviews. It was affordable and they did a great job! Scott cleaned our house and he was very thorough – we didn’t have to do any post-cleaning (which has not always been the case with other cleaning services!).

Jodi I.

Scott is awesome as always!!! He cleaned everything! He was also very professional, punctual and super sweet! I highly recommend his services!

Molly I.

Thank you Scott!! Thank you for cleaning our house so well. My stove is sparking now as well as the front of all my stainless steel cabinets. And my floors and bathrooms are no easy task and now this place feels new again. Thank you!