Outdoor Furniture Cleaning in Carlsbad

Eco Clean Outdoor Furniture Cleaning – Carlsbad

How Does Outdoor Furniture Get Dirty?
Southern California weather might be beautiful, but it can wreak havoc on your outdoor furniture. Over time, these pieces can accumulate months of dust and debris that can work its way under the surface of your furniture, leaving it looking dingy and uninviting.

Even if you cover or store your outdoor furniture when it’s not in use, your patio seating can still accumulate dirt and begin to discolor. The relentless California sun and lack of rain for months at a time can make worsen this problem by baking the grime right into your furniture, making it even harder to remove. A splash of water might not help. The rain that we do get can cause mildew to form, leave unsightly stains. Professional furniture cleaning form Eco Clean can rejuvenate your furniture and help protect it against future damage.

Do Different Kinds Of Outdoor Furniture Require Different Kinds Of Cleaning?
While most wicker, wooden, and resin furniture can be cleaned with soap and water, some materials like metals, outdoor fabrics such as those on your cushions or in your umbrellas, and glass may require special treatment. Eco Clean professional furniture cleaning service is equipped to handle all of your outdoor furniture with the care it deserves to deliver the best results.

Can Power Washing Clean My Outdoor Furniture?
Though power washing

can clean most of your patio furniture, furniture can be damaged if it’s not done correctly. Too little pressure can leave your furniture with a layer of grime and mildew underneath the surface, while too much can damage your furniture. Eco Clean outdoor furniture cleaning service knows exactly how to power wash your patio furniture to effectively clean it without damage.