Mattress Cleaning in La Jolla

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Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. Yes, having clean sheets is an important part of the upkeep, but there is more to mattress maintenance than that. You spend nearly one third of your life asleep, so having a clean bed is of utmost importance. Generic furniture cleaning does not have the same effect, and if properly cared, for you can extend the life of your mattress for many more years than the manufacturer guarantee. Many upholstery cleaning companies and couch cleaning companies claim that they can clean mattresses well but you should always choose a specialist like your local Eco Clean professionals.

Why Should You Clean Your Mattress?

Throughout the day your body sheds dead skin cells. This is primarily what the dust in your house is made of. When you sleep, your body continues to slough off skin particles. Your mattress collects this debris, and a typical mattress has eight pounds of dead skin after five years! On top of this, microscopic mites reside on our skin and in our mattress, and most used mattresses can have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. You probably have also experienced the occasional spill on your mattress. Everything from tea, coffee, juice, and wine can sink deep inside the frame of your mattress even if it is cleaned off of the surface. If left for too long, it can accumulate mold and bacteria. Because of your extended exposure to it when you sleep, this can be potentially hazardous. This is why an occasional steam and clean service can bring your mattress back to pristine condition.

The Eco Clean Approach

A DIY approach to cleaning your mattress is impractical and ineffective. (How do you put a mattress in a washing machine?) At Eco Clean we make sure you have the best night’s sleep possible because our mattress cleaning services are first class. We first remove all the linens and separate them. Following this, we use an ultraviolet light to detect any possible stains. Then we use a professional grade vacuum that has a deep suction that can reach deep into the seams. Once it has been vacuumed to perfection, we apply a dry steam cleaner which prevents moisture build up in the mattress. To dry it, we use infrared heat followed by an odor removing spray to remove any traces of previous smells. Call Eco Clean of La Jolla today and we will cater to all of your mattress needs, whatever they may be.

Mattress cleaning is a vital part of your health and routine maintenance of your home. Eco Clean can provide an affordable and effective solution to ensure you have the best sleep of your life. Eco Clean also offers commercial mattress cleaning services if you have mattresses in stock at your business, or on display at your store. It is crucial to maintain the appearance of your inventory as it can quickly devalue your business or become a liability!

Call Eco Clean today to speak with one of our technicians about your mattress care. Call us today at 760-818-6789 to schedule an appointment to come out and manage all of your steam cleaning needs.