Furniture Cleaning in San Diego

The maintenance of your upholstery is just as essential as the upkeep of your carpets and floors. Regular cleaning and occasional deep cleaning from a professional will help reduce the amount of dirt and allergens in your home. It also has other significant health benefits such as reducing the symptoms of asthma, preventing eye irritations, sinus infections, respiratory issues, and skin irritations and rashes. In addition to routine upkeep, and spot treatments for unexpected spills and accidents, upholstery cleaning can also help you keep your furniture looking its absolute best for a long time to come. Our trained team of cleaning technicians can apply the same deep cleaning, environmentally friendly techniques to your furniture to make sure it always looks as nice as possible. If any of your furniture is dirty, stained, or covered in pet hair, give us a call at 760-818-6789 to make an appointment with the team here at Eco Clean.


  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Microfiber
  • Leather
  • All man-made fibers


The first stage of our upholstery cleaning process is to inspect all furniture that you want cleaned. We will assess it for fabric type, number and type of stains, as well as the overall construction of the piece. Next, we will brush the piece with a special, super soft brush. This will remove any dust and loose dirt particles that have become matted down into the fabric.
We then do a thorough rinse of the furniture, adjusting the water pressure to fit your individual needs. For this step, our company uses the adjustable Drimaster, Upholstery Tool which is unique in its design because it has no jets, no valves, and no trigger. The design of the head of this upholstery cleaner allows a solid sheet of water to pass through it eliminating the need for a pressurized spray. The Drimaster is also able to maintain a heated temperature for the cleaning solution which has proven to be much more effective at removing dirt and stains than non-heated solutions.

Then, high-speed blowers and a thorough wiping ensure that your furniture dries as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. The final steps are the deodorizing of the upholstery as well as applying a protective coating to help avoid any future stains. Both of these final steps are optional, and we will only apply them in accordance with your preferences.

So what happens when you realize that the family’s Thanksgiving dinner is going to be hosted at your house this year, or your little one has just spilled her juice box all over your brand new microfiber sofa? Remember that cooler heads prevail. Give Eco Clean a call so that we may assess the situation and give you an estimate for the price and the amount of time that we will need to complete the job. Leave the cumbersome work to us while you focus on what you need to get done. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!