Furniture Cleaning in La Jolla

Furniture Cleaning

A clean home is a happy home! That is why Eco Clean offers an array of internal and external home cleaning services and upholstery cleaning services. You may not even think about cleaning items such as your furniture, but these items collect a lot of dirt and contaminants from your clothing, shoes, and hands. A recent study in 2014 confirmed that there are nearly 200,000 bacteria per every square foot in your home. Considering you spend a great deal of time relaxing on your furniture, it is important to look after it and your health. To keep them in tip top shape you should be tending to your upholstered furniture once a week to ensure longevity; however, a professional clean with the best upholstery cleaner will preserve it the best. Eco Clean can help clean many types of fabrics, including wool, cotton, silk, polyester, micro-fiber, leather, and other man made materials. In your initial consultation we can provide tailored advice for the type of furniture in question, to make sure we restore it to its peak condition.

Upholstery Cleaning Process

Eco Clean begins the treatment with an initial inspection of the furniture and any stains it might have. During this step we consider which approach will work best for your furniture depending on the construction of the piece and the extent of the wear and tear. After this, we begin by brushing the fabric with a soft brush, as this removes the outer layer of dirt and dust. If there is residual dirt we use couch cleaner, but if there are stains, we apply our famous upholstery stain remover. Then we rinse the furniture with our top of the line machine that has adjustable pressure depending on the fabric. Following this we will wipe down the furniture and dry it with high-speed blowers to ensure a rapid drying period. If the piece in question has an odor we will apply an upholster deodorizer to remove any unwanted smells. This entire process can be concluded with an application of a surface protectant which will prolong the period of time in which you must keep up maintenance.

Unique Cleaning Advantages

We at Eco Clean La Jolla have a proven record of excellent furniture and upholstery cleaning services. We source our chemicals responsibly, so that they are non-toxic to your family members and furry friends. We also know that your furniture is important to you, so we use detergents that won’t harm fragile natural-fiber or synthetic fabrics. On top of that, upholstery services are not just limited to the furniture within your home! Boats, cars, offices, and other recreational vehicle furniture can be handled by Eco Clean too.

Not only do we enjoy seeing happy customers, but we appreciate a job well done. That is why all of our technicians at Eco Clean have a set of IICRC professional credentials. Not to mention, our method has been approved by over 300 leather makers in the surrounding region.

If you live in La Jolla and are in need of any type of upholstery cleaning, call Eco Clean at 760-818-6789 today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained professions. We are waiting to take your call.