Furniture Cleaning in Encinitas

Fabric Types

When your favorite chair or sofa suffers a stain you can’t get out, Eco Clean is here to do it for you. Our state of the art upholstery cleaning leaves your furniture looking spotless with all fabrics drying in a half-hour or less.
We clean all fabric types including:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Polyester
  • Micro-Fibers
  • Leather
  • All man-made Fiber

Unique Cleaning Advantages

You could try to clean your furniture on your own, but there are several advantages to having us clean it for you.

  • The equipment and chemicals we use are safe and non-toxic to children and pets so you don’t need to worry about the store brand cleaning products that may affect those you love.
  • We won’t harm fragile natural-fiber or synthetic fibers, allowing for a longer furniture lifespan.
  • Our services are not only excellent for homes. We can also deep clean auto and boat interiors, office partitions and dividers, or any upholstered item.
  • Our Fabric Protectant is proven to last, creating a barrier that keeps out oil and water from causing further damage. This protectant will allow your furniture to look new and pristine even after years of use.
  • Over 300 leather makers and tanneries have approved our leather cleaning method.
  • We provide only the highest quality cleaning services and products that always leave our customers satisfied.

The Process to Cleaning Your Furniture

  • Inspect:
    The first thing we do upon arriving is inspect the furniture or pieces of furniture in question. The inspection process determines the type of stain and how best to approach the cleaning process.
  • Brush:
    After the inspection is completed, we brush the upholstery with a soft brush as to not damage the furniture. Brushing the upholstery will also loosen any stuck dirt and debris and allows for a deeper and more thorough clean.
  • Rinse:
    After the brushing is finished, we move on to the rinse. We use one of our high-tech washing machines which allow us to control the pressure to best fit the type of upholstery.
  • Wipe:
    When the upholstery is thoroughly rinsed, we then begin to wipe down the furniture. This removes any remaining spots and helps the drying process.
  • Deodorize:
    The final step of the furniture cleaning process is to deodorize the furniture to eliminate any lingering odors from the stains or chemicals.

Cleaning your upholstery can have long-term benefits and extend the life of your furniture. Don’t wait until a stain is in too deep to remove. Contact us today!