Furniture Cleaning in Del Mar

Everybody likes a clean home. In order to have a well-kept house, your furniture and upholstered items need to get cleaned just like any other part of your home. These items are susceptible to spills and everyday wear and tear, which can cause them to get dirty quickly. Getting your furniture and upholstery professionally cleaned makes sure that your home is kept in top shape. If you live in Del Mar and your furniture is dingy, covered in stains or is just in need of a good cleaning, call Eco Clean today to take care of your furniture cleaning needs. Our team of furniture and upholstery cleaning specialists can get your furniture and upholstery looking like new.

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Service in Del Mar

Your furniture and upholstery require proper maintenance and upkeep to ensure they look good for a long time. Professional cleaning maintains the longevity of your belongings. While it is possible to take care of some stains yourself, other stains are more heavy duty and harder to remove. The longer a stain has to set, the deeper that it penetrates into the fabric and the more difficult it becomes to get rid of. Our upholstery cleaning staff has the proper knowledge, cleaning solutions, and techniques to effectively eliminate stains in furniture and upholstery. Let our company take care of the cleanup for you, so you don’t have to stress about it.

Time is of the essence when dealing with spots and stains. The sooner that a stain or spot is removed, the better. Rest assured that our fast response rate means that we can get to the stain before it sets and causes permanent damage.

What Types of Fabrics Can We Clean?

Our experience professionals have the proper skills and cleaning solutions to clean all kinds of fabrics, such as: cotton, wool, polyester, man-made fibers, microfibers, leather, silk, and rayon.

No matter what kind of furniture you have, our furniture cleaning service is equipped with the tools to clean it. Different fabrics require different cleaning methods. Our experts have the ability to assess your furniture and upholstered items and determine the best way to go about cleaning them. It is our goal to treat your property with the utmost respect and provide you with a clean home.

Eco Clean is a cleaning company dedicated to sustainable practices. Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and safe to use around pets and children. They are gentle enough so as not to damage natural-fibers or synthetic fabrics, but powerful enough to deeply clean your furniture.

Leather Cleaning in Del Mar

If you have any leather goods that need cleaning, we have the proper products and techniques to take care of that. We remain dedicated to using only the highest quality products on your belongings, which is part of what makes us such a highly rated cleaning company.

Eco Clean has the capability to thoroughly clean your furniture and upholstery. We serve the Del Mar area, along with other locations in North San Diego. Give us a call at 760-818-6789 to learn more about our upholstery cleaning deals.