Carpet Cleaning in La Jolla

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning

Flooring takes the brunt of the wear and tear in your home. Not to mention, a majority of the messes. Carpets absorb spills, dirt, and dust while hardwood floors can become scuffed and stained if not maintained properly. Eco Clean is committed to serving the La Jolla community with the least hazardous and most effective cleaning solutions on the market. That is why our carpet cleaning services are second to none. We provide options that are tough on grease but easy on your household and non-toxic to the animals and children that might live with you. This is what makes us different than other local carpet cleaners. We offer an array of biodegradable cleaning options for both carpet and tile cleaning services. We work with a range of flooring, from plush carpets to hard textured floors. No residue left behind, guaranteed!

9 Steps of Carpet Cleaning

We approach all of our jobs with a standardized nine step formula that ensures success. It starts with a pre-inspection that assesses all of the current stains and spots present. After this we give a fair and competitive price quote that is hard to beat. We then use a through vacuuming technique with a high powered commercial grade device to start the process. We then pre-treat both the spots and active traffic lanes on flooring in your house. This involves the application of professional grade stain removers to every spec of discoloration on your floors. However, not every stain is removable and this will be discussed in your initial consultation. After this, we use our steam cleaning services to remove the dirt and grime via mounted hot water extraction. Our machines use highly advanced technology which cleanses your carpets and flooring with minimal water as not to saturate them, with temperatures ranging between 60-235 degrees. Our team will assess the quality of work to make sure it is up to Eco Clean policy standards, and finish with a carpet grooming to accelerate the overall drying time if it is deemed complete. To make sure the quality of the work is up to par, we conduct post-service walkthroughs with every one of our clients to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Aside from aesthetics, cleaning your flooring periodically is important to remove allergens that lurk in the microscopic crevasses. Even after an excellent cleaning service, they can still be harbored in ornamental decorations and rugs. This why we offer Persian rug cleaning options which allow for the most delicate pieces to be treated too. This step additionally improves your air quality, making your home or business a safer place to be. If desired, Eco Clean can finish the job with carpet odor removers to ensure an even fresher scent. With our foolproof plan of action, you can be sure that our cleaning services will yield the best results you have ever seen.
the best results you have ever seen. We promise that your floors will look just as good as the day they were installed and will last even longer.

If you live in La Jolla and are in need of carpet cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to call Eco Clean today at 760-818-6789 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced carpet cleaners.