Carpet Cleaning in Encinitas

A carpet can tie a room together and be fundamental to the way it feels and is perceived, but a stain can permanently and negatively affect the appeal of a room. When a stain needs to be removed, Eco Clean offers top of the line, eco-friendly floor and carpet cleaning. Our process is tough on dirt and stains, so your home or business looks pristine and smells fresh. Our products work on carpet and hard textured floors as well, and we’re always available to discuss your options and the best way to move forward.

A Stain or a Spot?

Before you call in, it is essential to determine if the stain on your carpet is a stain or a spot.While interchangeable in ordinary conversation, these two words signify vastly different needs to a carpet cleaning service as the cleaning you require is directly related to the kind of damage your carpet’s suffered.

Stain : A discoloration from a substance that has adversely and sometimes permanently attached to the fiber or dye.
These can include makeup, wine, coffee, some juices, and ink.

Spot: A discoloration from a substance that is lying on or sticking to your carpet fiber, but is not affecting the fiber or its dye. Some examples include dirt, mud, dust, and most food without artificial dyes.

Knowing the difference between the two is helpful as it allows the cleaners to better understand what equipment we need to use and how severe the damage to the carpet is.

  • Dust Mites by at least 86%
  • Cat Allergens by at least 96%
  • Dust Might Allergens up to 92%
  • Mold Spores up to 97%

For those who suffer from extreme or even minor allergies, our cleaning service is a must as our process has been shown to have a dramatic effect in reducing a variety of allergens. Our method has reduced
Allergen Reduction

9 Steps of Carpet Cleaning:

  • Pre-inspection
    We start with a proper inspection of the carpet or tile that needs cleaning. This inspection will help us to determine the most effective method of cleaning and how much the cleanup is going to cost. It is during this time that you should make us aware of your most significant concerns when it comes to the cleaning of the stained area.
  • Pre-Vacuum
    While not applicable to every situation your carpet will be pre-vacuumed to remove any dirt or debris that covers the stain. Pre-vacuuming the stained area allows for the main cleaning procedure to run smoother,
  • Pre-treat spots
    The spots will be pre-treated to make sure that any deep-seated soil spots will be lifted out during the deep cleaning process.
  • Pre-treat Traffic Lanes
    During this process, the traffic lanes of the carpet will be treated as these areas experience the most day-to-day wear and tear.
  • High Power Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction
    After the stained area is treated, state of the art hot water extraction machines will be brought in to clean the stained carpet or floor thoroughly. The hot water extraction machines combine pressure and heat to ensure the affected area becomes damp enough to be cleaned but not so wet that it could cause damage.
  • Post Inspections
    After the cleaning process is finished, we will look over the now cleaned area one more time to make sure we have removed all traces of the stain including small spots and odor.
  • Groom Carpet Pile to Ensure Fast Drying Time
    When the carpet or other affected area is cleaned, it will groomed to ensure the fastest drying time possible.
  • Final Inspection Walkthrough with Customer
    The final step in the carpet cleaning process is to walk you through what we have done to clean your home or business and answer any question you may have. We are sure you’ll be satisfied with our service, but if you are unsatisfied in any way, we will do all we can to make it right.