Carpet Cleaning in Carlsbad

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning – CarlsbadEco Clean is a premium, environmentally friendly and organic carpet cleaning company. We offer carpet cleaning that is tough on grime and stains but also safe for your family and the ecosystem. We can clean all types of flooring materials including carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, laminates, and vinyl with eco-friendly and biodegradable products that don’t compromise on quality. With Eco Clean, you will receive a thorough carpet and rug cleaning with no residue left behind.

What Is The Difference Between A Spot And A Stain?

Not all carpet issues are made the same, and these subtle differences can affect the type of cleaning service you need. While interchangeable in most contexts, a spot and a stain are very different things when it comes to your carpet.
A spot is a discoloration from a dissolvable substance such as dirt, dust, mud, and food without artificial dyes.

A stain is a discoloration from a substance that has altered the fabric or the dye of the carpet. These can be caused by foods with artificial or natural dyes like soda, coffee, tea, and wine, make-up, paint, and ink.

Your best chance at preventing spotting or staining is by removing the substance as quickly as possible. The longer it sits on your carpet or upholstery, the harder it is to remove. However, some cleaning methods can exacerbate the problem and even turn a spot in to a carpet-altering stain. Eco Clean is equipped with the perfect products and solutions to treat your spots and stains as effectively as possible without causing more damage.

What Are The Nine Steps Of Carpet Cleaning?
Every time you receive carpet cleaning services from Eco Clean, we follow a 9 step process:

1. Pre-Inspection: we examine the damage and assess the best way to clean the spot or stain
2. Consultation and Price Quote: you’ll never be surprised by a bill. Before we begin, we’ll lead you through the process so you can make an informed decision about what is done.
3. Vacuuming with a Professional Grade Vacuum Cleaner: by starting with a clean carpet, we limit the potential of spreading the contaminants
4. Pre-Treat Spots: some areas are more stubborn than others and require more attention to be lifted from the carpet
5. Pre-Treat High Traffic Areas: certain areas of your house cause the most wear and tear on your carpet. Giving these areas some extra effort can substantially extend their lifetime.
6. High Powered Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction: this is where the magic happens, and your carpet rejuvenates
7. Post-Inspection: we never leave a job half done and take the time to examine our work to ensure nothing was overlooked
8. Fluff Carpet Pile To Ensure Faster Drying Time: carpets take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to fully dry and fluffing them can help aerate and speed up the process
9. Final Inspection With Customer: we’re not satisfied until you are

Does Eco Clean Reduce Allergens?
Absolutely! Peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that just a single deep carpet cleaning by Eco Clean reduces mold spores by up to 97%, dust mites by at least 87%, and cat allergens by at least 97%.

Carpet Cleaning in Carlsbad
You spend countless hours on your carpet, and a dirty one can be both dangerous for your health and aesthetically displeasing. When it’s time for a deep clean, the professionals at Eco Clean are here to help bring your carpet back to life.