6 Tips to Help You Get Organized After a Move

Moving is notoriously stressful and unpacking is overwhelming to say the least. However, if you incorporate some planning and strategy into the process, getting organized after a move will be a lot easier.

Below you’ll find some tips for a smooth move that can help you keep things orderly amid the chaos, as well as a few pointers that can help you figure out how to unpack after moving.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

This golden rule applies before, during and after your move. It’s important not to rush yourself during this process. After all, you only get one chance to pack and unpack, so you want to do it properly. Additionally, setting a schedule will help you feel less crazed throughout the process. Start at least a month in advance — depending on the size of your home — and make it a goal to pack up a certain amount of boxes each week. Once you’ve moved, follow these same guidelines, and have each member of the family unpack a set number of boxes each day.

Label Your Boxes

Knowing where your belongings are can be a huge time-saver when you’re unpacking. That’s why taking the time to label your boxes will really help out when you’re getting organized after a move. While you’re packing, note the name of the room in which items will be placed on each box. Additionally, it’s a good idea to give a brief description of what’s inside of the box. And don’t forget to label boxes that are fragile!

Have a Box of Necessities

There are specific items — like coffee and a coffee maker, pet food and supplies, towels, sheets and pillows — that you’ll want on hand as soon as you arrive in your new home. Make sure that you have these boxes clearly labeled as “Must-Have Items,” “Open First,” or “Essentials.” You should also keep these in the car with you, rather than on a moving truck, whenever possible. That way, if there’s some delay with the movers, you still more or less have everything you need. Tip: It’s also a good idea to keep medications, jewelry, other valuables, and important documents like passports, birth certificates and Social Security cards with you instead of packed on a moving truck.

Purge as You Pack

If you toss out unneeded items as you’re packing up your belongings, getting organized after a move will be much easier. Make the most of this opportunity to donate clothes that don’t fit to charity, toss out old toys the kids don’t play with and get rid of all your plasticware with the missing lids. You’ll be glad you did when you have fewer boxes to move and unpack at your new home.

Unpack in Zones

One of the keys to getting organized after a move is to unpack one room at a time. (Here’s where that labeling comes in handy.) This way, you’ll be able to focus on cleaning and organizing a single room, allowing you to do a more thorough job. Additionally, you’ll feel rewarded after each room is complete, which will motivate you to keep going rather than abandoning the task because unpacking is overwhelming.

Call for Backup

Whether you haven’t budgeted enough time for a move-in clean, need help cleaning your old home after packing or just plain need an assist with the housekeeping so you can focus on unloading and unpacking, give us a call. Eco clean offers a variety of specialty services — including move-in and move-out cleaning — that can help you get your life in your new home started on a less stressful note. Now that you know how to keep your unpacking panic to a minimum check out these quick tips to get move-in cleaning ready so your experience is as smooth as possible.