24 Hour Flood Damage in La Jolla

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can quickly cause irreparable damage to home, that is why Eco Clean La Jolla is your trusted source for 24/7 emergency repairs in the wake of natural disaster or pipe bursts. It is exhausting searching for the best professional carpet cleaning companies on the market, especially when you are battling a setback such as flooding. While many services claim to be experienced, some jobs are too advanced or complicated for the competition. Eco Clean has handled thousands of jobs from many causes; leaking or frozen water lines, overflowing sinks or bathtubs, backed up toilets, heavy rain, washing machine malfunctions, and more. We are one of the most trusted names in the business and will get your house back to normal so you can resume your regular life.

Eco Clean Water Damage Removal Process

Our professional carpet cleaning begins with the repair of the source of the damage. Eco Clean will then conduct a thorough assessment of the area and extract the visible sources of water and identify the types of water present. There are three different types of water -white, grey, and black. Depending on the type of water, the next step will often times include carpet removal depending on the severity of the flooding. Following the extraction, Eco Clean will dry the remainder of the area and restore all affected possessions like linens, clothing, toys, books, etc. Eco Clean has some of the highest grade technology to detect damage via infrared scanning and moisture detectors, so you can be confident that your home will be fully appraised. If the damage is minimal, our services can bring your carpet back to life through our deep carpet cleaning services. We use state of the art vacuums that remove any and all traces of water from your floors. Any odors or sources of mildew will be eradicated with our water carpet cleaners and detergents. Restoration is the final step in our services and we promise to rebuild your property in any way that it was damaged. The length of this step is contingent upon the extent of the damage but typically involves tarping open areas, moving out furniture to a safe location, providing temporary storage space, adding drywall, painting, and installing new wood or linoleum flooring.

The Eco Clean Guarantee

A flooded house or business is not only inconvenient but also a hazard to your health. Damp conditions are attractive to rodents and insects, and can grow toxic mold which will quickly escalate the problem. Eco Clean promises to deliver fast and effective results in removing all potential harbors of these contaminants and we will restore the state of your home to pre-flood conditions in just days. Choosing Eco Clean to handle your emergency situations will save time and keep your cost low, and can ensure a smooth journey to the reinstatement of your home. Call Eco Clean at 760-818-6789 for more information and to schedule an appointment today.