24-Hour Flood Damage in Encinitas

Where does Water Damage Come From:

Water damage can be disastrous to a home, and if not taken care of quickly it can cause severe and irreversible damage. Most people expect water damage to come from natural phenomenon like rainstorms or hurricanes, which is true, but there are also common household appliances that can cause water damage if not properly maintained and repaired. Leaking or frozen water lines or pipes, overflowing sinks or bathtub, backed up toilets and septic tank, and washing machine or dishwasher overflow can all cause water damage to property. When water damage is found action must be taken immediately, because the longer damage is left unattended, the worse it will get and could potentially cause permanent damage to the house if left too long. Repairing water damage can be a lengthy and challenging process. If you find yourself in need of water damage repair, immediately call professionals like the team at Eco Clean .

Process of Removal and Restoration

If you find water damage in your home or business, you should contact Eco Clean as soon as possible at 760-818-6789. When speaking with you, we will best try to understand your situation and will inquire about

  • Your name and contact information
  • Insurance information
  • The address to the home or business
  • Where and when the damage occurred
  • What caused the damage
  • If there is electrical equipment in the damaged area

When workers arrive on site, they will begin the inspection and assessment of the water damage, which involves a few steps.

  • Find and stop the source of the water damage. This will include checking if the water that has entered into the property has been contaminated and removing any furniture or other items that could be further affected by the leak.
  • Assess the damage. After the leak has been repaired, workers can assess how severe the damage is, with white being category water damage, gray being category 2, and black being category 3.
  • Thoroughly Inspect the Home or Business. When it is determined what type of damage the water has caused, the next step is to inspect the entire home or business to see the extent of the flood.
  • Remove Interior Items. After it is determined how much work and restoration needs to be done, everything from furniture to personal belongings must be moved out to prevent further damage.
  • Dry the Affected Area. When everything is moved out of the damaged area, the process of removing excess water and drying begins. Eco Clean will use our equipment to remove the standing water and then bring in our dryers in to remove the moisture from the floors and walls, making the restoration process easier.
  • Sanitation. After drying is completed, the sanitation processes can begin. Sanitation involves removing the mold and odor from the damaged area using odor removal and deodorization equipment. Sanitizing the area helps to make the space livable again and makes the restoration process easier on the workers.
  • Restoration. In this final step, the workers will either remake or repair the damaged area depending on how severe the damage is.

Water Damage Timeline

Water can cause havoc on your home or business almost immediately after an accident.
1 Minute:

  • Water spreads throughout the property
  • Wate seeps into walls and will often flood the room
  • Furniture, carpets, and other belongings will be damaged or destroyed

1 – 24 Hours:

  • Drywall begins to swell and break down
  • Odors start to develop
  • Wood from doorways and windows will start to warp affecting their ability to function

48 hours – 1 week:

  • Mold and mildew will grow
  • Metal hinges and other appliances begin to rust
  • Biohazard contamination is possible at this time

More than one week:

  • Restoration cost and time increases and may exceed the worth of the property
  • The structural safety of the property will be in question, and the threat of biohazard contamination becomes likely

Avoid the long-term consequences of water damage by having one of our professional team members take care of your home or business.